I love cooking but I’m very lazy. I can’t be bothered to use fancy techniques involving 10 pots and special kitchen implements or to go trawling obscure shops and markets for exotic ingredients. I’m also what people politely refer to as frugal and what I like to think of as slightly Scottish. I hate throwing food away and I try to avoid spending extravagant amounts on one meal – although there is no substitute for good meat, good cheese and great wine. In short, I like to cook simple food that requires as little fuss, time, money and washing up as possible.

From what I can find, my food philosophy doesn’t seem to be all that popular, so I often invent meals or modify recipes. I substitute, I guesstimate and I cross my fingers quite a lot, but it usually turns out great. (I won’t share anything here that didn’t. Deal?)

WARNING: If you’re a nervous cook who wants exact quantities, precise measurements and guarantees of success, leave this blog immediately. But, if you’re a shortcut-taking, guessing-the-amount, substituting-stuff-cos-it’s-what-you-have, enjoying-the-surprise-when-it-turns-out-great kind of cook, these recipes are for you.

Me, eating ice-cream in Argentina.

Me, eating ice-cream in Argentina.

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